Hey, I'm Arnaud, welcome here, make yourself at ease.

I'm a software engineer, and I work on Free and Open Source Software, commonly refered as FOSS.


So let me explain a bit what that means.

Probably the most popular piece of FOSS is the Linux kernel. You might have heard about it, nowadays it's pretty much everywhere: more than 80% of the mobile phones (Android), IoT devices, automotive, routers (your internet box at home), most of the internet infrastructure...

Linux is only the core of the Operating System though. There's a lot more additional software around it to make if useful, and that's what we call the userland. Roughly, a wild collection of applications and libraries that are put together to form a usable system.

Linux is "Open Source", which means that it's a software released under an Open Source license. Around it, literally thousands of applications and libraries that run on Linux are also Open Source. Thanks to all of this software, if you build a tech product that requires a bit of software nowadays, it's a no-brainer: you'll go Linux, and quickly build a fully functional Operating System for no license cost.

And that's where I come into play: building Linux systems is my job.

Me here

If you need to develop a Linux-based Operating System, I can help you all along, from A to Z: system design, board enablement, development, deployment, maintenance, tests. I can help you understanding the open-source ecosystem, choosing the right technologies for your needs, and building your solution upon that.

During the last decade, I had the opportunity to work in various industries (telecommunications, civil engineering, entertainment), on various kind of systems (embedded, server, desktop), from various locations (France, Canada, Switzerland, Vietnam). Linux and FOSS was the live wire, the common denominator of all these experiences.

Nowadays I live in Saigon, Vietnam. If you're around and want to talk about this kind of stuff, get in touch! I'm always eager to share what I like and to talk about it.



Email contact@arnaudr.io
PGP 9D3B EC87 B456 3C64 2B7B E38A C083 1D1F 15E0 DA64


LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/arnaud-rebillout
StackOverflow https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/776208

Code repositories

GitHub https://github.com/elboulangero
GitLab https://gitlab.com/elboulangero
Debian https://salsa.debian.org/arnaudr-guest
GNOME https://gitlab.gnome.org/arnaudr
Freedesktop https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/arnaudr